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Posted on 13 July, 2020 by Administrator


UPDATE:  30th July 2020

Effective 11:59pm on Sunday 2nd of July 2020, all our employee's will be required to wear face protection at all times whilst on our premises.  This is inline with the Victorian Governement Policies regarding COVID-19.

This is in addition to some measures already in place:

  • 1 person per 4 Square Metres.
  • 1.5 Metres distance between any 2 employee's at any time.

We encourage our employee's to follow the Victorian Government Guidelines whilst at home.  Their correct practices outside of Gearing Dynamics will help ensure that Gearing Dynamics remains open during the pandemic.

Furthermore, any employee who has been tested for COVID-19 will be required to self-isolate until such time as their test results have been returned to them.  At that point, a postive test result will see the employee put themselves into self-isolation for an additional 14 hours.  If they return a negative result, they will then be permitted to return to work.  This is inline with current Victorian Government Policies.

All courier and other deliveries are being dropped at our dispatch area, as well as any outward goods being collected from that same area.

Any person who visits the site for more than 10 minutes is required to sign in, providing details of time of arrival and departure, name and contact number.  This is to aid contact tracing if an active case is detected as having contact with our facility.

We also are no longer accepting walk-in customers or customers who wish to collect orders - All orders are by delivery only.

Original post - 30th June 2020

Gearing Dynamics takes the risk of COVID-19 very seriously.   As such, we are no longer accepting walk-in customers.We ask that if you wish to collect your order from our Bell Park facility, that you organise and pay your order prior to arriving at our location so that we can facilitate contact-free hand over of your order.

We also ask that when you arrive to collect your order that you proceed to the dispatch area, and that you do not enter our main office area.

We are taking this action for both the well being of our staff, but also of our customers.

Rest assured that our team are still on the job and we are manufacturing our products at 100% capactity.

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