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EV Development

Posted on 13 July, 2020 by Administrator

EV Development

As a pro-active company, Gearing Dynamics are aware that the future of motor vehicles will rely heavily on Electric Vehicles (EV), and this will include the mining industry.

Our Gearless Centre Differential (GCD) is a cost effective solution to issues faced by the mining sector in that it makes Land Cruisers much safer to drive and it also reduces the maintenance cost of running vehicles.  However, it also presents a problem for EV upgraded Land Cruisers - It removes the ability to select a neutral gear via the transfer case gear selector.

EV vehicles generally have the standard motor and gearbox removed from the vehicle which are replaced with an electric motor and a reduction box.  When an EV Land Cruiser is also fitted with a GCD, the ability to tow the vehicle if it breaks down is dificult as this can actually charge the batteries through the regenerative process that EV's use.  And this can result in over-charging the batteries or possibly damaging the electronics of the vehicle.

Gearing Dynamics has looked into this issue and has developed a solution that allows:

  1. A Land Cruiser to be converted to an EV.
  2. To have a GCD fitted.
  3. For the vehicle to be towed without causing any issues.

The Gearing Dynamics "E-Neutral" is the solution that we have developed.

  • Installs into the existing transfer case, along with the GCD.
  • Uses the current transfer selector lever to engage and disengage
  • Provides a cost effective solution to one of the challenges that converting Land Cruisers to EV Cruisers presents

We are currently having the device tested under real-world conditions and hope to have it available for release in the very near future.