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Split CV Boots

  1. Unfortunately our split boots are designed exclusively for 78, 79, 80, 105 and 70 series Landcruisers and they cannot be made to fit the 75 series.

  2. There is no need to remove your CV Joints to fit or change the Split CV Boots, unless you are changing the felt kit as well.

    The Split CV Boots are designed to be long lasting and offer great protection from the elements.  We do advise that you check your felts on the CV housing and fit these at the same time if they are becoming work or hard.

  3. You need to be careful not to squash or pinch the accordion section of the Split CV Boot when putting the oil seal ratainers on.  This may tear the boot, and this is not covered by warranty.  Aside from that, just ensure that all bolts are tightened to the correct torque settings which are provided in the installation instructions.

  4. Although nothing else is required to fit the Split CV Boots, we do recommend fitting new felts and oil seal retainers if your vehicle has been used in wet or adverse conditions.  These are not expensive to purchase, however you will need to remove the CV Joint to replace the felt seal.

Exhaust Brakes

  1. In general, Exhaust Brakes work best with vehicles that do not have an engine ECU/Exhaust Gas Sensors.  Adding an Exhaust Brake to a vehicle which has an engine ECU or Exhaust Gas Sensors can be troublesome and you may find it difficult to obtain good operation and good fuel economy.

    Exhaust Brakes do not work with Common-Rail Diesel motors.

    Some additional items may be required if the vehicle has a turbo fitted.  This is generally an EGR blanking plate, although a small hole in the blanking plate will be required.

    For older vehicles that are not common-rail diesel, are not turbo and do not have any exhaust gas sensors fitted, they should work extremely well.

  2. Exhaust Brakes will require:

    • A section around 80mm removed from the exhaust pipe
    • A point where vacuum can be obtained from the engine
    • Some mechanical skills to fit the Exhaust Brake Butterfly Valve
    • Some electrical knowledge to install the electrical aspect of the Exhaust Brake
    • Fitting the clutch and accelerator switches

    Full instructions are provided, however as these were designed for Toyota Land Cruisers, some modifications may be required particularly to the clutch and accelerator switch mounting brackets.


  1. For Individuals:

    The simplest way to order from us is via email (service@gearingdynamics.com) or via our Contact Us page.  Simply provide the following information and we will send you an invoice which can be paid via Bank transfer:

    • What you want to order and what quantities of each item
    • Your full name
    • Your full address
    • Your phone number

    The invoice we send you will have our banking details which can be paid via Internet Banking or over the counter at any Bendigo Bank branch.  Once we see your payment in our account, your order will generally ship within 24 hours.

    For Companies and Businesses:

    Send us an email (service@gearingdynamics.com) to enquire about creating an account with us.  We will require the following information:

    • Business Name
    • Accounts Address
    • Delivery Address
    • ABN or ACN
    • Contact Person
    • Accounts Email Address
    • Products you intend to purchase
    • The carrier account number if you wish to use your own carrier to deliver your orders.

    Note that for new accounts, we do impose a credit limit for the first 3 months or first 6 orders.

  2. Shipping of orders varies depending on the products being ordered and the customer requirements.

    For Individuals:

    If you are ordering smaller orders such as Split CV Boots, Felt Seal Kits or other small items, we will use Australia Post Express Post service.  For larger orders, we will use TNT or a similar carrier.

    For Companies and Businesses:

    Our preference is to use your carrier with your shipping account.  This generally works out more cost effective and allows for faster processing of orders.