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Driveline Park Brakes

Driveline Park Brake.

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Transmission Mounted Park Brake
The Park Brake caliper and disc rotor assembly is easily attached to the transfer case by way of an adapter plate and bolts. No tail shaft shortening is required.
The caliper selected is designed for harsh corrosive conditions with an additional steel cover plate protecting it from mud and water.
A heavy steel lever connects the Park brake to the re-routed original cable for fail safe operation.

Standard disc brake/drum park brake.

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Heavy Duty Caliper design
It is common automotive practice for rear brakes to be proportionally smaller than the fronts in order to achieve braking balance.
The heavy duty upgrade brakes use a big front brake type caliper to give the larger pads. To achieve the necessary proportional balance the calipers are sleeved down using stainless steel.

Rotors and Pads
Without a park brake to be included, the rear rotor was able to be enlarged in both diameter and thickness. By bolting the new rotor to the hub similar to the front, the rotor becomes 300mm dia and 28mm thick (18mm standard) with pad contact area almost doubled.
“Mine Pack” special pad material for both the upgraded rear disc brakes and the park brake is formulated for optimum stopping performance and long life.

The vehicle remains with the original master cylinder, wheels, hubs, transfer case and standard prop shaft. Fitting is simple and parts are readily available and economically priced.
An engineers report is provided for ADR certification and road registration.